The Domaine de Luquet

History of a family

The Domaine de Luquet belongs to the same winegrower family for some generations. Records show that the family has been working at Luquet since 1790. Maryse Escoubet, owner and heiress of that lineage, carefully manages her stocks fostering ageing to allow the Armagnacs to develop their aromas.

History of a passion

In the past, Joseph Lafargue, maternal great-grandfather of the actual owner, invented the first wheeled sulphur sprayer pulled by oxen, which was called 'Lafargue's sulfursprayer'. This is proof that the love of grapes have been deeply rooted in the family for a very long time period.

In fact, grape varieties have changed, implements have modernized, but the same feeling and the same care about crafting high-quality armagnacs is still at the heart of this family business.