Armagnacs of the Domaine

Our vintage Armagnacs

Bas-Armagnac 2007


Silver medal at Eauze's 'Grandes Eaux de vie' contest 2017



Nose: date and black fig

Mouth: candied fig and tobacco

Bas-Armagnac 2005


Silver medal at Eauze's 'Grandes Eaux de vie' contest 2014



Nose: lime flower and verbena, quite fresh. Green apple overtones.

Mouth: unaggressive and thirst-quenching nectarine overtones characterized by white nectarine, not dominated by wood.

Bas-Armagnac 2000


Gold medal at Paris' General Agricultural contest 2017



Nose: woody and wax overtones.

Mouth: ripened black plum, currant, grilled almond. Ending with candied orange and dried prune on leather overtones.

Bas-Armagnac 1999


Gold medal at 'Bas-Armagnac Landais' 2005



Nose: rising and floral, then candied fruits and black fig.

Mouth: silky and full-bodied on fig.



Bas-Armagnac 1998


Silver medal at 'Bas-Armagnac Landais' contest 2017


Nose: lightly Woody, very fruity (yellow peach, apricot)

Mouth: soft, ample and long. Very persistent where we find ripened apricot and citrus with a trace of wood.

Bas-Armagnac 1978




Nose: ripened green plum (reine-claude), jam.

Mouth: soft and long, a taste of ripened plum, vanilla and top of the milk.

Bas-Armagnac 1994


Silver medal at 'Armagnac Talents' contest 2018



Nose: very fruity, calvados overtones (apple, cider) alongside green mint.

Mouth: velvety and fruity (currant, date). Presence of a light wood taste.

Bas-Armagnac 1966





Nose: ripened black plum.

Mouth: rancio slightly hazelnut. Supple, dominated by black plum.



Bon de commande des millésimes

Bon de commande Luquet - 2020.pdf
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Our Blended Armagnac

Bas-Armagnac VSOP





Nose: Not so Woody, toasted and vanilla.

Mouth: Unctuous, slightly Woody, vanilla, creme brulee.

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